Rifle Range
Clinton Fish & Game Club in Clinton, New York


Rifle Range / General Rules:

The rifle range has been getting great use. We have upgraded the the berm behind the backstop. If you have any interest in helping out with any other projects involved with the shooting range please feel free to contact us. Please follow all rifle range rules to the letter (Click Here for Full Range Rules). Shoot safely, clean up after you are done, and do not drive on the grass to get to the shooting benches. All shooting must be from the benches in the direction of the berm and must impact the berm. **PLEASE** No bottles, cans, or garbage of any kind are to be used as targets. 



 Event  Members  Non-Members 
Sporting Clays - 50  $15 $22
Sporting Clays - 100  $30 $44
F.I.T.A.S.C 50 Targets  $13 $18
 5-Stand  $6 $10
 Skeet / Trap  $5  $7






CF&GC has club guns available (inquire at front desk). The club also sells shotgun ammunition for all common gauges. 

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